The Story of Compassionate Press

Let’s face it, each morning when we get up and listen to the news, we realize that things are not the same as before. Our world is waking up to the injustices, not only in our backyards, but all over. The inability of adults to care for the health of the planet, leaves too much responsibility on our children to grow-up in a scary place. No child should be placed in this scenario. But it is a case of too little too late? 

Compassionate Press is home to Maritza Oliver's children's books that educate, teach, and share vegan plantbased philosophy with young readers, parents, families, and educators | Shop Online for illustrated hardcover, picture, and colouring books for kids, teens, and adults | Kids Bookstore | Ethical Lifestyle

As a mother I often wonder - how do I reassure my child about the future when what they see around them is terrifying? Years ago, I realized then if I wanted the world to change for the better, it needed to start with me. I needed to reduce the negative impact I have on the world around me and to share what I learned in an easy and accessible way.

Teaching Kids Empathy and Compassion

As I personally moved towards a more compassionate lifestyle, I thought more about the books that could be written encompass to share with others. By reading to your children, books from the Compassionate Press collection, you become a champion in your child's eyes. 

Compassionate Press was born with the mission to empower children with knowledge, and to inspire a new generation of conscious and compassionate humans. Being good stewards of the world has a significant and positive impact on our environment and helps to preserve the planet for the next generation. 

Much love and affection,